Foreign Employee Services

Our staff has acted as agent for foreign employee service companies, corporations, personnel placement companies and others since the mid 1990’s. We also place personnel in Greater China through our own personnel company. This grew out of our informal question and answer sessions and more extensive services we provided for the foreign staff our clients sent into China.

This has now expanded into being retained local agent for those issues that are sure to arise in any normal situation where you send foreign staff and their families into China for a long term stay. From arranging a primary entry visa and a hotel for that first night in China for your staff and their family, to minor misunderstandings, the more serious medical evacuation, birth, death, and others matters.

There is no period of our lives, when extended out over the course of a few years, when life stops happening. Wrists get sprained, children lose teeth or become ill - life happens. Our retainer arrangements help both the sending company and the staff and families here breathe a little easier knowing someone is there to call when it is needed