Michael Sylvester

After graduating from the University of Florida, Mr. Sylvester attended Rijksuniverseteit der Utrecht, The Netherlands, Faculty of Law, where as an Erasmus Scholarship student he studied Comparative and International Law in the lead up to the Treaty of Maastrict and the formation of the European Union.

Next came a year of work on the evolution of legal systems with Phillie Nonet at the Jurisprudence and Social Policy PhD Jurisprudence program at UC Berkeley School of Law. Thereafter, he received a J.D. and LL.M. from Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco where he also participated in the International Legal Studies program, which brought 80 lawyers a year from around the world for advanced degrees in Tax, US Law and Procedure, Comparative Law, and Public or Private International Law.

Following his study in San Francisco, Mr. Sylvester attended Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. While at the University he also attended a program for Thai Judges on criminal legal procedure in the U.S.

Following his study in Thailand, Mr. Sylvester interned at the United Nations Office in Bangkok. Assigned to the Environment and Natural Resources Management Division, he was a Legal Advisor to a U.N. organized conference on implementation of the Convention on Non-Navigable Uses of International Watercourses for the Mekong River, where the countries of South-East Asia sought to harmonize their internal laws on water and water rights.

In addition to having taught at the Faculty of Law at Shenzhen University, Mr. Sylvester also focuses on Chinese domestic and international business consulting including business immigration, intellectual property, international law and dispute resolution, banking and double taxation matters in Asia, trans-national crimes and product development in Asia.

A member of the State Bar of California, Mr. Sylvester is also admitted in the 9th Circuit, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the 5th Circuit for the Western, Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas. Mr. Sylvester is also fluent in Italian.