Secured Sourcing

Secured Sourcing is our response to a recurring ‘Humpty Dumpty’ syndrome and the growing number of direct client requests for earlier assistance in their supply chain management than ever before.  Of course, Humpty Dumpty is a children’s nursery rhyme where ‘all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again…’

For, while China is a great place to do business, it can be a very unforgiving environment when things go wrong.   So, rather than having to look across the conference table and explain to yet another client that there is no cost effective solution to put the pieces together again, we thought we would simply turn that situation around and help people get what they really needed the first time.

We have seen innumerable times in the last ten years where a client approaches us, explaining their historical business operations and is seeking a return of their molds and tooling, the return of manufacturing deposits, a credit for manufacturing runs that do not meet published quality control specifications or other similar situations.

Missed ship dates, cash flow problems between Hong Kong based traders and Mainland manufacturers, quality control deviations, non-conforming goods and simple IP theft are all rampant as well – and are all easily avoidable – with a slightly modified supply chain matrix.

And since we have been offering trustee services, holding molds and tools, reworking supply chain management, IP enforcement and contract redrafting it just seemed to make sense to expand once again and offer another new level of services.   We will, of course, still try to help you if you have a humpty dumpty situation, but we would prefer to teach you how to not need that kind of assistance.