An Introduction

After five years of serving our clients in a corporate counsel/local counsel capacity, the law has matured once again - requiring us to expand our formal structures here in the People’s Republic of China. Our process of expanding localization mirrors China’s evolution, where the law and policies are in a rather continuous state of evolution.

Sylvester, Xu & Associates (Shenzhen) was initiated in mid-2006 to provide a wide range of local consulting services that have become necessary as our clients investments here become much more broad and diverse. Many areas of investment, especially in the areas of providing technical, engineering, retail, construction and other kinds of service industries have been opened to foreign direct investment. As such, we are called upon to coordinate and formalize different types of structures than ever before.

The approval & licensing of Sylvester, Xu & Associates (Shenzhen) as a wholly owned operating company of Sylvester & Associates International Counselors, allows us to fulfill this role.

Sylvester, Xu & Associates consultants offer clients more than just unparalleled legal and financial expertise. We act as business partners, which means understanding our clients’ business objectives, identifying the issues that matter most to achieving their goals and delivering solutions that help them realize their ambitions.

In China, as in every other country where our clients do business, relationships are paramount. Whether you are navigating the SEC maze in Washington, DC or the State Tax Bureau in Shenzhen, it helps to have advisers who know the local law and procedure.

Our clients benefit from the most up-to-date and authoritative advice because we regularly work alongside Chinese Government authorities at both the national and regional level. We have considerable experience dealing with various Chinese ministries and bureaus.

Our present customers include: petroleum energy sources, multinational retail trade, satellite communication, industrial production design, corporate training, electronic production, logistics, environmental technique, real estate, investment, trust, ‘big box’ retailers etc.